Hotel Boarding Basis in Kenya

When looking to plan a holiday, the package to go for is usually a night mare to many travelers. A better understanding of the boarding basis before booking a holiday is important because in most destinations, prices for food and drinks are really expensive. However, understanding the difference between different hotel plans or boarding basis  can help save on unnecessary cost and at the same time make your holiday memorable  and stress free. Each package provides a different holiday experience

Differences between different hotel boarding basis in kenya   

All Inclusive (A I)

An all inclusive package entails all meals and locally produced drinks – both alcoholic and non- alcoholic are  included in booking price. Most hotels have a cut off time for an all inclusive package in the evening which is usually 11 pm or midnight. This package is favorable for families and those holiday makers who need not to worry being charged extra fees in-between meal times .All inclusive is also prettier package for those who do not plan to travel out of the hotel they are staying in or for those who do not need to carry cash around while on holiday .It’s advisable though to carry a little extra money when on all inclusive concept as sometimes you might need to eat out of the hotel or get involved in extra activities like water sports which might require an extra fee

Full Board (F B)

Full Board means breakfast, lunch and evening meals are included in the price but any drinks or snacks outside of these meal times will cost you extra. It common with night life lovers who  would not like to be restricted to meals only offered by the hotel

Half Board (H B)

In this plan  Breakfast and dinner are both included in the price.This means  lunch and any food or drink outside of these two meal times will cost you extra. It  suits those who plan to enjoy some day time excursions, safaris, shopping and other activities outside the hotel .for example if you are planning a safari to Maasai Mara from a hotel in Mombasa  you are entitled to a early morning breakfast.After the safari you should also catch up with  Dinner later in the evening when you are back

Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

For those who like to start the day with a good hearty breakfast but don’t want to be fixed to certain prearranged times for the rest of their meals, B&B is a great option.

Self Catering (SC)

In this plan, no meals are included in the holiday booking price but you will be provided with a kitchenette   .This is common for families who want to schedule their meals more flexible providing a kind of home like experience. Self catering offers you the flexibility to come and go as you please and to set your own holiday timetable. This board basis suits those with a small budget as you can buy food at supermarkets cheaply and cook for yourself

Room only (R O)

On a Room Only basis you get a room with a bed and a bathroom. There are no cooking facilities, utensils or storage for food and you won’t get breakfast.

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