Hottest clubs and restaurants in Mombasa County


Casablanca Night Club

located in the city centre near Ganjoni, Casablanca is the premier entertainment venue in Mombasa c.b.d. The nightclub is in two floor with bars and private rooms in the first floor, a disco and an open air balcony on the second floor. You can eat and drink in the middle of the night.Casablanca Club  is popular with both locals and tourists.


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Bella vista

Located in the heart of Mombasa city (Moi Avenue), few meters to the famous elephant tusks (mapembeni). Bella vista is very convenient to reach as tuk-tuks and matatus to docks ply to that route. It is favourite to the Locals as it offers affordable wide range of dishes in their menu. For sports lovers, there is a projector on the garden to show all the football matches.

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Florida Nightclub

Located at Mama Ngina Drive near likoni ferry overlooking the ocean. It is about 2 Km drive from  Mombasa city. Great location and atmosphere, never any trouble, mostly good music and some great dancers.Feel the ocean breeze cool you off while you get down on the dance floor .It has a nice terrace which extends to the sea and little away from the thumping music. Taxis are available to and fro to the club.


Club Rio

Club Rio is situated behind the GPO ( Posta) and is known for its calypso bar and club  located on the 2nd floor.Calypso  is a nightclub with DJ and dance floor, that goes through the night. For football lovers, the club has a sports bar with big  screens on the walls showing the latest sporting events.The club also offers high-end accommodation with 52 en-suite rooms, 30 of which have satellite T/. All the rooms are equipped with fan and mosquito net.

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Talentos  Beach Resort

Talentos Beach Resort is located on Shelly Beach Road Likoni touching the white sand beach and the Indian Ocean.Well built with swimming pool, restaurant, conference facility and a large space area for tents and campsite



Il Covo

This is a Japanese and Italian themed restaurant located in Bamburi Beach. The night club is known to be a place for tourists, expats, people staying at the nearby hotels and local Indians. It hosts a downstairs family friendly restaurant that serves Italian specialities. They have a disco upstairs with framed Italian photos covering the walls, and old fashioned curtains covering the windows. They play mainly western type techno music and on a number of occasions, they host a new local or international DJ.


Mamba Village

Mamba Village is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm. During the day, visitors tour the farm to see the crocs, botanical gardens and snake park and also take part in the  daily crocodile feeding where the giants fight for fresh meat. While the crocodile farm is the most popular area of the village, guests may also enjoy horseback and camel  riding on its small estate and beginners can even take lessons.They also have a sports bar and restaurants with big screens to watch football.The park shuts at 7 pm and they open an open air night club  hosting fantastic laser shows  where one can  enjoy a meal at the village restaurant that features a range of game meats, such as crocodile, zebra and ostrich.

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Sheba Lounge

Situated at the City Mall, Sheba lounge is one of the best and most popular  recent joints in Mombasa.The Ethiopian themed club even has shisha that is served the Ethiopian way.The rooftop space is known for good music and inviting  ambiance. The roof top also gives you a magnificent view of the Mombasa-Malindi highway and Haller Park. The lounge is giving traditionally  famous joints like Bobs a run for their money. It  is always full inside and outside, where more seats have now been made available and boasts  ample packing available in the mall.

sheba lounge

Tembo entertainment plaza

Formally  Tembo disco , the club underwent   major renovations and face lifts. It boasts an exclusive upmarket Lounge Bar, the Comfy Lounge with designer sofas, chairs, stools and tables. It opens  at 6 pm  and is nice to chill out for  drinks and enjoy  new dance music played by D J’s.  Their  menu is very large and offers  Kenyan BBQ , Chinese, Italian, Indian and Seafood . Their  prices  are  reasonable and  they open throughout the night until morning hours.



Tapas Cielo at Nyali Business Center

Tapas is located next to Naivas Supermarket Building in Nyali on top floor.Tapas is among the newest joints in Mombasa getting publicity especially with those who prefer a less noisy atmosphere because of being ambient, unique and comfortable. They play cool music on week days and privacy is guaranteed by small booths located at the far end. They serve variety of cocktails stocked in a glass-covered bar. On the Decks is Mombasa’s leading female DJ, DJ Sashy. It is exclusive, with more mature clientele, with the meals and refreshments more pricey. They charge entrance fees especially during weekends to control crowds.


Bobs bar

Bobs is situated in Bamburi area, five minutes by taxi from  Nyali or Shanzu just opposite city mall .Bob’s Bar is an open-air bar with an air-conditioned area called Murphy’s.Bobs is  ideal for anyone looking for a place to have some cold drinks in a party atmosphere. It is very popular at the weekends particularly with weekenders from Nairobi.


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Skyluxx sports club and Grill

This is one of the clubs pimped with modern interior and cool funky ambiance in Mombasa. Skyluxx club has swayed  revelers from Mtwapa and Nyali mall area who troop in  to have a taste of the nightlife.The club has hosted a number of popular Nairobi and Mombasa based DJs and musicians. The popular spin cycle legend DJ Bones is part of DJs rocking the crowds.


Big Tree

This is  beach side disco located along mama Ngina Public  Beach  next to Pirates Beach club .Big Tree’s large beach front sticks out onto Pirates beach, the most popular public beach in Mombasa.  The dance floor is packed with both locals and tourists  who throb the place after a nice time on  the beach.


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