Self-Catering Accommodation- The new boom in the Kenyan Hospitality Industry

While still lagging far behind hotels as a Kenyan vacation choice, Local and international acceptance of self-catering accommodation has grown. The rewards from booking self-catering accommodation have been quiet substantial. Out of the 3 years that we at have been in the hotel booking and marketing industry, more than half of our revenue has come from the sale of self-catering accommodation



The growth in group travel especially family reunions, societies, destination weddings and college trips has contributed to the popularity of self-catering accommodation. Most of these frequent the famous Kenyan Holiday Destination like Mombasa, Naivasha & Nanyuki  almost every holiday to enjoy the multiple tourist attraction sites , white sandy beaches and beautiful Sceneries in our country . The recent standard Gauge railway line (SGR) has also made it possible even for corporate groups to plan a weekend getaway from Nairobi to Destinations like Mtwapa, Diani and Wasini .


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Holiday Lettings are of the same standard as the most five-star hotel, but the diversity of their collection of homes and the ability to personalize the experience for guests makes them a truly extraordinary experience that is impossible to imitate in a hotel. Travelers want to see every Destination behind the curtain and be immersed in the  culture of the people in their Destinations. The staff in various holiday lettings provides guests first-hand contact with local customs and will supply all the insider tips.  Adding more value is the fact that Clients in these properties  will not only  have a private home and maybe a private pool and personal chef, but they will also get to know the feel of destination and are more likely to meet the locals.  Many properties  have a kitchen, which means major savings on meals and drinks, plus amenities few luxury hotels can offer, such as private pools, private gyms, tennis courts and beachfront access.

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Then there is perhaps the most important, yet intangible, amenity of all: privacy and seclusion.  Not fighting for chairs around the pool or the best spot at the beach has great value for many travelers. Even at the high end, properties offer a value that comparable luxury hotels don’t. Most of bookings are family bookings who try to get knew experience away from Hotel like atmosphere.  Most clients stay in a hotel for business trips, but for that signature vacation experience, they are choosing to stay in holiday homes or apartments. Even small groups of corporate executives will use apartments that have meetings facilities, because it affords them privacy that they can’t have at a hotel. Simply, what many of these travelers are looking for is something unique and exclusive which is difficult to find in hotels.

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Why you should book your signature airbn; Holiday home or Apartment through

There are several reasons you should choose has the booking company of your choice. For us, our collaboration and marketing agreements with several property owners has made it easy for us to sell these properties. Through the various reviews that we carry on , it is much more transparent for the clients to see photos of the properties before booking.

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What is most important for us at is that we send our teams to visit the properties physically. This helps create close relationships on the ground where the properties are located creating great knowledge of the products we are selling. We simply send our clients to people we trust. Our clients are assured of extra added measure of confidence because we have someone that is very closely related to us on-site.



Most travelers also don’t know where most apartments and other holiday lettings  are located. Most Apartments especially in Nyali Mombasa and Nairobi  Kilimani, Runda and Lavington are built in secluded places away from major highways and cities. Definitely, If you can’t and don’t have the firsthand knowledge of these places you’ve got to trust someone. We have relationships with the staff on the ground, who are on call to make restaurant reservations, and private chefs, arrange car rentals or anything else guests will need. These people give our clients the comfort of having the equivalent of a hotel concierge but in the privacy of an Holiday letting.

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The team on the ground has much more insight and an understanding of particular destinations  than even some hotel concierge . Every time we are working with a local manager or apartment owners and it’s someone who we have worked with for years, we know their standards and they know ours.  We rely on them for guidance. We are partners in that respect. It’s a very important relationship.
After taking down the particulars of what our client needs we visit many properties and inspect amenities as particular as mattress quality to make sure it fits the bill. We source various properties and  send feedback to the client. From there, the client will have a really good feel for the property.

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